Hong Kong Sector Events in 2017

January 1-15Sun – SunKiirtan Parikrama in Taiwan
January 2-7Tues – Sat7 days AK & Seminar in Ananda Shivanii MU, Russia
January 2-6Tues - Fri72 hrs AK & Seminar in Ananda Annapurna MU, Russia
Jan 27 - Feb 1Fri - WedChinese New Year holidays
Jan 29 - Feb 3Sat - FriSadhana Shivir in Taipei
February 12Sun1st Diocese Seminar in Taipei
February 13MonIRSS & SEC in Taipei
February 19SunSeminar in Kaohsiung
March 26SunSeminar in Taichung & Tainan
April 1-3Sat - MonSectorial Conference in Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
April 3MonSEC
April 4-8Tues - SatWT Satsaunga & RDS
April 14-16Fri - SunSeminar in Ananda Karnika MU, South Korea
May 13-16Sat - TuesSpiritual Conference in Jeju island, South Korea
May 15MonIRSS in Vladivostok Region
June 3-4Sat - SunRegional Conference in Japan
June 18Sun1st Diocese Seminar in Taipei
June 19MonIRSS & SEC in Taipei
June 25SunSeminar in Tainan
June 29 - July 2Thurs - Sun72 hours Akhanda Kiirtan in Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
July 2-7Sun - FriSadhana Shivir in Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
July 9SunSeminar in Taichung
July 23SunSeminar in Kaohsiung
July 25-30Tues - SunRegional Conference at Ananda Shivani MU, Russia
July 31MonIRSS at Ananda Shivani MU, Russia
July 29 - Aug 2Sat - WedStudent Yoga Camp in Ananda Suruci MU
August 15-20Tues - SunDiocese Conference in Ananda Annapurna MU, Russia
September 4-10Mon - SunSpiritual Conference in Bishkek
October 7-9Sat - MonSectorial Conference at Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
October 9MonSEC in Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
October 10-12Tues - ThursRDS in Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan
November 17-19Fri - SunRegional Conference at Ananda Karnika MU, South Korea
November 24-26Fri - SunRegional Conference in Japan
December 4MonIRSS & SEC in Taipei
Jan 6-21, 2018Sat-SunTaiwan Kiirtan Parikrama


Ánanda Márga Festivals – 2017

Friday 1st JanuaryNew Year’s Day (International)
Friday 12th FebruaryNiilakan’t’h’a Divasa
Saturday 5th MarchDadhiici Divasa
Monday 13th MarchVasantotsava
Friday 14th AprilNavavars’a
Wednesday 10th MayÁnanda Púrnimá
Monday 7th AugustShrávanii Púrnimá
Wednesday 6th SeptemberKaoshiki Divas
Wednesday 14th SeptemberPrabháta Saḿgiita Divasa
26th-30th September (Tuesday to Saturday)Sharadotsava
Tuesday 26th SeptemberChildren’s Day
Wednesday 27th SeptemberPublic Day
Tthursday 28th SeptemberFine Arts Day
Friday 29th SeptemberMusic Day
Saturday 30th SeptemberVijayotsava
Sunday 8th OctoberKiirtana Divas
Thursday 19th OctoberDiipávalii
Saturday 21st OctoberBhrátrdvitiiyá
Friday 3rd NovemberNavánna

Ánanda Márga Festivals – 2018

Monday 1st JanuaryNew Year’s Day (International)
Monday 12th FebruaryNiilakan’t’h’a Divasa
Thursday 2nd MarchVasantotsava
Monday 5th MarchDadhiici Divasa
Saturday 14th AprilNavavars’a
Sunday 29th AprilÁnanda Púrnimá
Sunday 26th AugustShrávanii Púrnimá
Thursday 6th SeptemberKaoshiki Divas
Friday 14th SeptemberPrabháta Saḿgiita Divasa
15th - 19th September (Monday - Friday)Sharadotsava
Monday 15th SeptemberChildren’s Day
Tuesday 16th SeptemberPublic Day
Wednesday 17th SeptemberFine Arts Day
Thursday 18th SeptemberMusic Day
Friday 19th SeptemberVijayotsava
Monday 8th OctoberKiirtana Divas
Tuesday 6th NovemberDiipávalii
Friday 9th NovemberBhrátrdvitiiyá
Thursday 22nd NovemberNavánna

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If you would like more information about any of these events please contact our Sectorial Office