All Acaryas in Hong Kong sector have an ‘’ addresses, according to their posting.

NamePosting Email
Ác. Shubhaniryásánanda Avt.SSsshk(at)
Ác. Yogánanda Avt.SOS & Acting Sectorial Rector
Ác. Shubhacintánanda Avt.RU RAWArurawahk(at)
Ác. Vijitátmánanda Avt.INPRO/ FARPRO/ AMURT Coordinatoramurthk(at)
Ác. Cittarainjanánanda Avt. SB/Farm/PCAPsbhk(at)
Ác. Sadánanda Avt.Commercecommercehk(at)
Ác. Candreshvaránanda Avt. CS Dcsdhk(at)
Ác. Priyabodhánanda Avt. AMSDamsdhk(at)
Ác. Gunátmánanda Avt. RS Vladivostokrsvladivostok(at)
Ác. Purushottama Brc.RS Seoulrsseoul(at)
Ác. Krśńamayánanda Avt. RS Hong Kongrshongkong(at)
Ác. Jiivamukta Brc.RS Macaursmacau(at)
Ác. Iśt́amaya Brc.DS Tokyodstokyo(at)
Ác. Rudranáthánanda Avt.DS Taipeidstaipei(at)
Ác. Caetanyánanda Avt. DS Taichungdstaichung(at)
Shukadeva Brc.DS Shanghaidsshangai(at)
Abhidhyána Brc.DS Yekaterinburgdsyekaterinburg(at)
Shiva Brc.DS Hong Kongdshongkong(at)
Trilokesh Brc.DS Ulaanbaatardsulaanbaatar(at)
Nityabodha Brc.DS Beijingdsbejing(at)
Ánanda Brc.DitS Barnaulditsbarnaul(at)
Ác. Indrajiita Bc.Assistant Rector, Ananda Karnika MUa.rector.anandakarnika(at)
Yukteshvara Brc.Assistant Rector, Ananda Shivanii MUa.rector.anandashivanii(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Kalyáńashrii Ác.SWWSswwshk(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Sainjaná Ác. HPMGLhpmglhk(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Amalá Ác. RS L Macaurslmacau(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Shivánii Ác.RS L Taipeirsltaipei(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Vartiká Ác.RS L Ulaanbaatarrslulaanbaatar(at)
Brcii. Liilámayii Ác.RS L Vladivostokrslvladivostok(at)
Brcii. Sushraddhá Ác.RS L Tashkentrsltashkent(at)
Avtk. Ánanda Vidyá Ác. DS L Taipeidsltaipei(at)
Brcii. Arpitá Ác.Assistant Rector L, Ananda Matrika MUa.rector.l.anandamatrika(at)