“Baba in Taiwan” – Spring Sectorial Conference
Hong Kong Sector: April 1-3, 2017


More than 300 Margiis and 26 acaryas attended the Sectorial Conference held at Ananda Suruci Master Unit in Yujing, Taiwan from April 1-3. The theme of the Conference, “Baba in Taiwan” attracted many Margiis from Taiwan and other parts of Hong Kong Sector to attend. Margiis came from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Russia, Thailand etc. Margiis began arriving in the evening of March 31. SS Dada gave a warm introduction when he welcomed all the margiis and acaryas from many different countries in Hong Kong Sector, as well guests from other countries. Special guest Ac. Krsnabuddhyananda Avt, shared Baba stories in which he described the very beginnings of Ananda Marga in Hong Kong Sector in 1974, when he was posted as RS Tokyo.



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Day 1 on April 1 opened with a three hour Akhanda Kiirtan and Opening Ceremony started with garland to Baba by SS Dada . There were three sessions devoted to Baba Stories which provided tremendous happiness to all the Margiis attending. Brother Ganesh who was present during the DMC in Yangminshan Mountain in August, 1979 spoke in the morning session. The speakers in the afternoon sessions were Krsnakumar of Kaohsiung, Jiivan of Kaohsiung and Shaktideva who sent his memoirs via a recorded voice note together with a few slides from the DMC period. Session three was led by Didi Ananda Lalita who was LFT at the time of Baba’s visit. Three babies received new names during the Baby Naming ceremonies. Three dramas depicting devotees’ experiences of Baba were presented in the evening program along with a slide show of unique Baba photos taken during His Taiwan visit.
Day 2 on April 2 included more Baba stories from Dada Krsnabuddhyananda who was assigned as HPMG Secretary when Baba visited Taiwan in 1979. Tapeshvar from Taipei Jagrti shared his memories of Baba’s visit which came one year after his initiation. Brother Sanjay offered thrilling Baba stories and a very clear video of four minutes’ length of the DMC at Yangminshan. Sanjay also kept a bed sheet cover for Baba’s bed as a memo of a personal article used by Baba during His Taiwan visit. His stories were both amusing and deeply touching for all Margiis.
Beautifully framed photos of Baba and His Taiwan devotees were mounted in the DC Hall with profound quotations spoken by Baba during His 15-day visit to the island.The evening RAWA Program witnessed many beautiful performances of Prabhat Sangiit by the Tainan unit, the SDM Taipei unit and the Taipei Jagrti unit. Sister Anandi sang a traditional Russian folk song. Carushiila and Candra Prakash offered two traditional Taiwanese folk songs. There was a comedy skit by the Margiis of Hong Kong and a short skit by the Margii children from different units in Taiwan. Other memorable performances were offered by Sister Anupriya and Dada Divyalokeshananda with a violin rendition of two classical Bach pieces, a contemporary song by Margii youth, at the very end of RAWA program beautiful Prabhat Samgiita sang by Dada Shubhacintananda jii and Sister Manisha from Japan. SS Dada offered numerous prizes to Acaryas and Margiis around the sector who have been providing many years of selfless service to Ananda Marga in Hong Kong Sector.
The Margiis were well prepared for the 9 hour Akhanda Kiirtan that commenced that evening and ended at 6.30 on Monday morning, April 3. The Baba video of His Darshan the “7 Secrets of Success” in Yang Min Shan Mountain was very well sub-titled and highly instructive for all Margiis.
Finally, the memorable Conference ended with prize giving ceremony for Tandava and Kaoshikii winners and many heart touching appreciations from Margiis from around the Sector who attended a Sectorial Conference for their first time. SS Dada also expressed his deep appreciation for all the people who worked so hard in so many ways to bring about the success of the program.
All new and senior Margiis and Acarayas enjoyed this conference very much, every one felt the presence of Baba and enjoyed the satsaunga , the bliss. Thank you all. Victory to Supreme Father.
Public Relation Department, Hong Kong Sector
Ac Shiilabhadrananda Avt
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