Sectorial Conference Spring 2023

Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskár!
It is my great honour to invite you all to our Sectorial conference at Ánanda Suruci Master Unit, Taiwan, from April 1-4, 2023. This conference will be very special because all the Ácáryas of Hong Kong sector as well as Márgiis will attend this conference after the gap of 3 years of the Corona virus pandemic.

DMS in Kyrgyzstan 2024

Introduction In September 2024 DMS will be conducted at Talisman Village, Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. This is a very historical event, since it will be the first time DMS has been conducted in Kyrgyzstan. All facilities at the venue have been booked exclusively for our use, including;  swimming pool. So it's the perfect location […]

Sectorial Conference in Kyrgyzstan 2023

Conference Theme: "The Future of Civilization" Baba gave answers to many global questions concerning the development of civilization. And by delving into the depths of his ideas and thoughts, by studying His ideology and organization, together we can come closer to understanding the future that awaits us.