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Regional Conference in Taiwan Autumn 2023

October 6 @ 4:00 pm - October 10 @ 10:00 am


Brahma Sadbháva
(Ideation on Brahma)


“It is said that spiritual practice or Brahma sádhaná is the superior form of sádhaná. The next best is the practice of concentration and meditation, even where there is no cosmic ideation. But when sádhaná is based on the internal urge to attain the Supreme Entity, it is called Brahmasádhaná or absolute spirituality.

-Shrii Shrii Ánandamurtijii

Message from Sectorial Secretary

Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskár!

It is my pleasure and honor to invite you all to attend our Taiwan Regional Conference from 7-10 October 2023 at Ananda Suruci MU, Taiwan. 

Our conference is a great occasion to meet with all new and old Margiis, where we get the chance to enhance our knowledge and devotion to Bábá. It is a suitable occasion for all of us to get together for our collective spirit, structural solidarity and helps us in spiritual elevation. 

During the conference, we all will enjoy a blissful flow of kiirtana, and meditation and get special Bábá’s Grace, which always flows on such programs. I am very sure every participant will get new inspiration and a deep understanding of Bábá’s mission.   

I welcome all Margiis to attend our Regional Conference and devote your time to this spiritual event. Looking forward to seeing you all at our conference.  

Yours in Him,

Ác. Shubhaniryasánanda Avt.
SS Hong Kong Sector

Program Details

Location: Ánanda Suruci Master Unit

Address: 56-4 Sha Tien Village, Yu jing District, Tainan County, Taiwan.

Date: October 7 – 10, 2023

Time of Arrival: 4pm on October 6th, 2023

Time of Departure: 10:00am on October 10th, 2023

Organizer: Chairperson: SS Hong Kong, Coordinators: SOS HK & Ac. Priyabodhananda Avt. with help from Kaohsiung & Meinong units


Specialities of this Sectorial Conference:

  • Bábá’s video 
  • 2 nights with RAWA Performances 
  • Lectures & Workshop 
  • Constant discussion on SDGs & Work Team of Ananda Marga 

Daily Schedule

Oct 6th FriOct 7th SatOct 8th SunOct 9th MonOct 10th Tues
16:00 Arrival & Registration4:45 Get up4:45 Get up4:45 Get up~6:30 Akhańd́a Kiirtana ends
18:00 Collective Sádhaná5:00 Paincajanya
5:00 Paincajanya
5:00 Paincajanya
6:30 Collective Sádhaná
19:00 Dinner
5:35 Individual Sádhaná & Asanas
5:40 Nagar Kiirtana
5:35 Individual Sádhaná & Asanas
7:00 Baba's video
20:00 Cleaning
6:30 Collective Sádhaná6:00 Individual Sádhaná & Asanas
6:30 Collective Sádhaná7:30 Closing Ceremony
20:30 Free time8:00 Breakfast7:00 Collective Sádhaná8:00 Breakfast8:00 Breakfast
22:00 Lights off9:00 Opening Ceremony
8:30 Breakfast9:00 Kiirtana9:00 Cleaning
9:30 3 hrs Akhańd́a Kiirtana9:30 Sádhaná Shivir9:30 Discussion on Guru10:00 Departure
12:30 Sádhaná & S.C.12:30 S.C., Svádhyáya11:00 Kiirtana
13:00 Lunch
13:00 Lunch12:00 Collective Sádhaná
14:00 Maonavrta14:00 Maonavrta12:30 Lunch
14:30 Spiritual Class by W.T.

14:30 Workshop by Jiivana Deva13:30 Maonavrta
16:00 Half bath & Individual Sádhaná & Ásanas 16:00 Half bath, Individual Sádhaná, Ásana 14:00 Social Function (Baby Naming, Wedding)
17:15 Collective Sádhaná17:00 Dharmacakra15:15 Kaośikii & Táńd́ava Competition
18:30 Svádhyáya and Spiritual talk18:00 Svádhyáya 16:00 Half bath & Individual Sádhaná & Ásanas
19:00 Dinner18:15 Marriage Ceremony17:00 Collective Sádhaná
20:00 Katha Kiirtana (Baba stories & kiirtana)19:00 Dinner18:30 Prize Distribution
21:30 Ávarta Kiirtana, meditation
20:00 RAWA program19:00 Dinner
22:00 Lights off21:30 Ávarta Kiirtana, meditation
20:15 RAWA program
22:00 Lights off21:15 Prabháta Saḿgiita
21:30 9hrs Akhańd́a Kiirtana


Fees include all food and accommodation:

ItemEarly-bird Price* NT$ (US$)Normal Price NT$ (US$)
AdultNT$2,800 ($90)NT$3,000 ($97)
Adult with tentNT$2,400 ($78)NT$2,600 ($84)
Family**NT$5,600 ($180)NT$6,000 ($193)
Family with TentNT$4,800 ($155)NT$5,200 ($167)
Students (13-21 yrs)NT$1,600 ($52)NT$1,800 ($58)

*Early-bird price until September 18, 2023

**Family – 2 adults and children (below 13 years old)



After registration, please pay fees by any way:

1. If you are coming from outside Taiwan, you can pay on arrival and you will still qualify for the early-bird price.
2. Local Jagrti in Taiwan.
3. Transfer to Bank Account. Please send the receipt to ” after transferring  
Bank Name: Taishin Bank (812) Cisian Branch  
Bank Account No.: 20251390208390 
Account Name: 王淑美 



How to reach Ananda Suruci

From Taipei/ Taoyuan Airport to Tainan

1. Bus:

a. From Taipei Main Station bus terminal or Taoyuan Airport
There are few options for bus but most people prefer HoHsin or Ubus because they are more trusted.
Go to the bus station in Taoyuan International Airport, place order to go to Tainan, price range NT$280 – 350 with Ubus and NT$350 – 50o with HoHsin. You will get transferred to another bus after 30 minutes. Enjoy your 4-5 hours trip and stop at Tainan Park or Beimen Road.

2. High Speed Rail:

From Taoyuan Airport you can take the free shuttle bus to the Taoyuan HSR station and take the train to Tainan HSR Station. The trains run every 20 min.
Travel time: 1 hour 22 mins
Cost: NT$1,350

From Kaohsiung Airport to Tainan

1. MRT & Train:

Take Kaohsiung MRT from the Airport Station (R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station and then take the train to Tainan (NT$ 107 by Tze Chiang Train). National Cheng Kung University is by Tainan Railway Station. Take TRA from Kaohsiung Main Station to Tainan TRA Station, which usually takes about 35 minutes on express trains.

2. Taxi & High Speed Rail:

You can take a taxi to  Zuoying HSR Station (it costs about NT$300).
Take the HSR Train from Zuoying to Tainan HSR Station.
Travel time: 15 mins
Cost: NT$150

Taxi from Tainan HSR Station to Yujing

From the Tainan HSR station, take a taxi direct to the eco-village, (about 50-60 minutes and costs about NT$950.  Here’s the address in Chinese for the taxi driver: 台南縣玉井鄉沙田村56-4 號 行動電話 You can ask the driver to call this number for directions: 0975934843 or 0926151404

Bus from Tainan City to Yujing

The first bus stop for the ‘Green Line’ bus to Yujing is on Park Rd next to the bus park. The 2nd stop is opposite the Tainan train station (No. 2, Chenggong Rd, North District). The bus takes about 70 mins and costs NT$125 (US$4.25).

Download the bus schedule

Map of Yujing bus stop in Tainan


When you reach Yujing, please call us (Tel: 5741965/5744144/5741928 or Mob: 0937298764/0975624788) and we will come and meet you at the bus station (10 min from Ananda Suruci). We are often working outside, so you may need to try different numbers.



56-4 Sha Tien Village, Yu jing District, Tainan County 71443, Taiwan.
Phone: 06- 5741965/5744144  Mobile: 0937298764/0975624788


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  1. Things to bring: Sleeping, bag, meditation blanket, personal dining utensils and tent if possible.
  2. Please park your car at the parking lot.
  3. Please observe maonavrata (silence) after 10:00 p.m. in the dining hall.
  4. Those attending new people’s class, please inform at the time of registration.

If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers.
Thank you!


October 6 @ 4:00 pm
October 10 @ 10:00 am