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DMS in Taiwan 2024

October 7 @ 5:00 pm - October 13 @ 11:00 am

Message from SS Hong Kong Sector:

To all Márgii brothers and sisters. Namaskára!

It is my great honor to invite you all to attend Dharma Mahá Sammelan in Taiwan at Ánanda Suruci MU, Hong Kong Sector dated 11 – 12 October, 2024. There will also be a pre-DMS program from 8 to 10 October with 5 days (96 hours) Akhańd́a Kiirtana with various social and spiritual programs. It has now been 13 years since the last DMS in Taiwan, which is a place of Baba’s devotees and the land of humbleness and kindness. Bábá came to visit Márgiis in 1979 for 15 days, so Taiwan is a special land for all of us. Let us come together and embrace the Divine light of Bábá’s knowledge, the structural solidarity of AMPS, and the compassion and Satsauṋga that unites us with moral and spiritual inspiration. May this DMS serve as a beacon, guiding us toward better understanding, universal love and harmony, and a deeper connection with a new phase of Bábá’s mission. Let’s forge a path of spiritual awakening, nurturing our souls and the world around us. Let us share our insights, experiences and love, fostering a global family, bound by the timeless pursuit of enlightenment and peace. This DMS will be very wonderful, so all Márgiis, please do come to attend and make this DMS very successful, by Bábá’s Grace.

In Him
Ác. Shubhaniryásánanda Avt.
Sectorial Secretary Hong Kong Sector

What is DMS?

Dharma Mahá Sammelan (DMS) – the great spiritual gathering – is one of the most important events in the life of every Márgii because of its incomparable positive impact on the individual and on society. The spiritual head of Ánanda Márga, Purodhá Pramukha, leads and addresses the entire Ánanda Márga community during the two- or three-day event.

 Who is Purodhá Pramukha?

This position is now occupied by the venerable Acárya Vishvadevánanda jii Avadhúta. He is the second Purodhá Pramukha.

After the Guru of Ánanda Márga, Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti jii, passed from his physical body on October 21, 1990, the tradition of performing DMS (previously DMC), started under the leadership of the Purodha Pramukhá and President of Ánanda Márga Pracáraka Saḿgha (AMPS).

Spiritual discourses will be delivered by revered Purodhá Pramukha, Acárya Vishvadevánanda jii Avadhúta on October 11 & 12. There will also be meetings with Purodhá Pramukha Dadajii with Márgiis, BPs, LFTs and WTs etc.


5 days Akhańd́a Kiirtana from October 8 - 12

Dharma Mahá Sammelan October 11 - 12

Highlights of DMS

96 hours Akhańd́a Kiirtana

Hong Kong sector is famous for inspiring kiirtana. For 96 hours the DMS venue will be vibrating with non-stop akhanda kiirtana, building up the spiritual energy for DMS. Join Márgiis from all over Hong Kong Sector and beyond in singing and dancing for Him.

RAWA Concerts

During DMS you will get the chance to enjoy great performances by talented spiritual musicians, singers and dancers from India, Taiwan, China, Russia and South Korea etc.

Bábá Stories

Heart touching beautiful devotional stories of our most beloved BÁBÁ will be narrated by many senior Acaryas coming from other sectors and Central Office, that will inspire us greatly. There will also be meetings with Purodhá Pramukha Dada with Márgiis.

And More...

There will also be spiritual weddings, yogic baby-naming ceremonies and delicious vegetarian food surrounded by peaceful natural scenery. Let’s explore our inner self and enter the deeper sphere of our consciousness.


DMS will be held at the beautiful and well developed Ánanda Suruci Master Unit, located in Southern Taiwan.
Facilities include:
  • Large Meditation hall for up to 400 people, large kitchen, dining area and 12 accommodation rooms
  • Madhu Shaelam MG Quarters with meditation hall, meditation room  and Bábá’s room
  • Wellness center with 15 bedrooms, kitchen/dining room, yoga studio and classroom
  • Organic Vegetable garden and Fruit orchard
  • Beautiful gardens
  • High speed WIFI

Fees & Registration etc.

Fees include all food and accommodation:

ItemAll programs Oct 7-13
Early-bird Price*
All programs Oct 7-13
Normal Price
DMS only Oct 10-13
Early-bird Price*
DMS only Oct 10-13
Normal Price
AdultUS$140/ NT$4,200US$150/ NT$4,500 US$94/ NT$2,800US$100 NT$3,000
Adult with tentUS$120/ NT$3,600US$130/ NT$3,900US$80/ NT$2,400US$87/ NT$2,600
Family**US$280/ NT$8,400US$300/ NT$9,000US$188/ NT$5,600US$200/ NT$6,000
Family with TentUS$240/ NT$7,200US$260/ NT$7,800US$160/ NT$4,800US$174/ NT$5,200
Students (13-21 yrs)US$90/ NT$2,700US$100/ NT$3,000US$60/ NT$1,800US$67/ NT$2,000

*Early-bird price until July 8th, 2024

**Family – 2 adults and children (below 13 years old)

Most of the bedrooms in the MU don’t have beds, so you will need to bring your own bedding; i.e. yoga mat/sleeping mat*, sleeping bag & pillow etc.

If you would like to stay in a tent, you can rent one via this site.

NB. If you would like to stay better accommodation, you can stay at a nearby guesthouse in Yujing, please book for yourself and register as Adult or Family with tent:

booking.com   google.com   agoda.com   airbnb.com

*If you don’t already have an inflatable sleeping mat and you would like to have one, the cost is $22 each. Please pay at the time of registration and you will receive upon arrival. 

Oct 7th MonOct 8th TuesOct 9th Wed - Oct 10th ThursOct 11th FriOct 12th SatOct 13th Sun
17:00 Arrival & Registration4:30 Get up Akhańd́a Kiirtana continues…4:30 Get up 4:30 Get up ~6:00 Akhańd́a Kiirtana ends
18:00 PP Dadaji arrival at MU and reception5:00 Páiṋcajanya8:30 Breakfast5:00 Páiṋcajanya5:00 Páiṋcajanya6:00 Collective meditation
18:30 Collective Meditation5:35 Individual Meditation & Ásanas/ Asana class9:30-11:00 Workshop*
5:35 Nagar Kiirtana5:35 Nagar Kiirtana6:30 Closing Ceremony
19:30 Dinner7:00 Collective Meditation12:30 lunch6:00 Individual Meditation & Ásanas/ Asana class6:00 Individual Meditation & Ásanas/ Asana class8:30 Breakfast
20:30 Free time, cleaning/ SS meeting with all WTs8:00 Opening Ceremony14:30 LFTs/ Youth meetings with PP Dadaji7:00 Dharmacakra7:00 Dharmacakra9:30 Cleaning and departure prep
21:45 Sleep9:00 Breakfast18:30 Dinner8:30 Breakfast8:30 Group photo11:00 Departure
10:00 Free time/ WT Meeting with PP Dadaji20:00 Free time/ WT Meeting with PP Dadaji9:30 Baby Naming8:40 Breakfast
12:00 Collective Meditation10:30 Collective Meditation9:40 Bábá stories
13:00 lunch11:00 PP Dada’s Pravacan (speech)10:30 Collective Meditation
14:00 Free Time12:30 Ávarta Kiirtana & Meditation11:00 PP Dada’s Pravacan (speech)
14:30 Prabhát Saḿgiita12:45 lunch12:30 Ávarta Kiirtana & Meditation
15:00 96 hrs Akhańd́a Kiirtana begins14:00 GS meeting with Margiis12:45 Lunch
18:30 Dinner15:00 Wedding ceremonies13:45 Free time
20:00 Kiirtana Workshop16:00 Kaoshiki & Tandava competition/
PP Dadaji meeting with BP and Unit Sec
14:30 Join Akhańd́a Kiirtana/ Collective meditation
17:00 Collective Meditation16:00 Free time/ organisational meeting with PP Dada
18:00 Dinner17:00 Collective Meditation
19:00 RAWA program18:00 Dinner
20:30 RU Discourse19:00 RAWA program & Announcements
22:00 Ávarta Kiirtana, meditation20:00 PP Dada arrive in hall/ Wedding blessings, prizes
22:30 SleepK & T, PS, PP Dada's DMS speech & Bábá's video
22:45 Ávarta Kiirtan
23:00 Prabhát Saḿgiita
00:00 ~ 6 hrs Akhańd́a Kiirtana

1. Oct 9th MU development for NH Society
2. Oct 10th The role of women in society

Download the schedule here

How to reach Ananda Suruci

From Taipei/ Taoyuan Airport to Tainan

1. Bus:

a. From Taipei Main Station bus terminal or Taoyuan Airport
There are few options for bus but most people prefer HoHsin or Ubus because they are more trusted.
Go to the bus station in Taoyuan International Airport, place order to go to Tainan, price range NT$280 – 350 with Ubus and NT$350 – 50o with HoHsin. You will get transferred to another bus after 30 minutes. Enjoy your 4-5 hours trip and stop at Tainan Park or Beimen Road.

2. High Speed Rail:

From Taoyuan Airport you can take the free shuttle bus to the Taoyuan HSR station and take the train to Tainan HSR Station. The trains run every 20 min.
Travel time: 1 hour 22 mins
Cost: NT$1,350
Click here to get 20% discount or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”.

From Kaohsiung Airport to Tainan

1. MRT & Train:

Take Kaohsiung MRT from the Airport Station (R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station and then take the train to Tainan (NT$ 107 by Tze Chiang Train). National Cheng Kung University is by Tainan Railway Station. Take TRA from Kaohsiung Main Station to Tainan TRA Station, which usually takes about 35 minutes on express trains.

2. Taxi & High Speed Rail:

You can take a taxi to  Zuoying HSR Station (it costs about NT$300).
Take the HSR Train from Zuoying to Tainan HSR Station.
Travel time: 15 mins
Cost: NT$150

Taxi from Tainan HSR Station to Yujing

From the Tainan HSR station, take a taxi direct to the eco-village, (about 50-60 minutes and costs about NT$950.  Here’s the address in Chinese for the taxi driver: 台南縣玉井鄉沙田村56-4 號 行動電話 You can ask the driver to call this number for directions: 0975934843 or 0926151404

Bus from Tainan City to Yujing

The first bus stop for the ‘Green Line’ bus to Yujing is on Park Rd next to the bus park. The 2nd stop is opposite the Tainan train station (No. 2, Chenggong Rd, North District). The bus takes about 70 mins and costs NT$125 (US$4.25).

Download the bus schedule

Map of Yujing bus stop in Tainan

When you reach Yujing, please call us (Tel: 5741965/5744144/5741928 or Mob: 0937298764/0975624788) and we will come and meet you at the bus station (10 min from Ananda Suruci). We are often working outside, so you may need to try different numbers.


56-4 Sha Tien Village, Yu jing District, Tainan County 71443, Taiwan.
Phone: 06- 5741965/5744144  Mobile: 0937298764/0975624788


View Larger Map

  • Things to bring: Yoga mat, Pillow, Sleeping bag, meditation blanket, personal dining utensils and tent if possible.
  • Please park your car at the parking lot.
  • Please observe maonavrata ((silence) after 10:00 p.m. in the dining hall.

If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers.
Thank you!

Taiwan Visa policy map

Citizens from several countries do not require a visa for Taiwan. For more information, please visit this website.

If you need an invitation letter, please email us or Whatsapp Dada Yogánanda +886937298764.

Payment Options

There are different payment options, depending on where you live:


Please send payment to SDM Taipei account:
Cathay Pacific Bank Zhongxiao Branch 013,
Account name: Zhang Yuting, account number: 011-50-368416-2

Please call to confirm after remittance:
Tel: (02) 2771-3559

Hong Kong & China

Please send the fee to Dada Krśńamayánanda:
WeChat: Yogikrsna
Whatsapp: +886 915 750 707

South Korea

Please send the fee to Dada Jiivamukta: +82 10-5930-5698
Kakao Talk: rhdyto


Please send the fee to Dada Vijitatmananda: ‭+81 80 4802 7333‬

ItemAll programs Oct 7-13
Early-bird Price*
All programs Oct 7-13
Normal Price
DMS only Oct 10-13
Early-bird Price*
DMS only Oct 10-13
Normal Price
Family with tent**₹20,100₹21,800₹13,400₹14,600
Students (13-21 yrs)₹7,600₹8,400₹5,100₹5,600

Please transfer DMS fees to the following account:

Name – Ajay Kumar.
Ac No – 015501004216
ICICI BANK , Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

After transfer is complete, please send a confirmation message to: Ajaya Bhalla Mob/Whatsapp: +91 98681 38787


Please pay to Didi Prianjalii

WhatsApp/Mob: +84 89 923 35 72


Please pay the DMS fee to Dada Sadánanda:
Whatsapp: +7 913 023-40-75
Telegram: @eternalbliss1

Other Countries

If you have a Paypal account, please send the fee via Paypal. Please make sure that you send enough to cover the transfer fee.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you may use your debit/credit card.

Please select: “Add $0.00 USD to help cover the fees.”  Thank you.

Any Questions?

We are always ready to help!

Please contact SOS Hong Kong:
Ác. Yogánanda Avt.

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October 7 @ 5:00 pm
October 13 @ 11:00 am
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